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Squirrel Control


batremovalSquirrels are clever and persistent critters and can be a nuisance when they turn your attic, crawlspace, or interior walls into their home. Especially in an area with a dense squirrel population, Squirrel proofing is essential in keeping squirrels as well as other pests out. The only effective way to remove squirrels from your attic or home is by trapping or by one-way trap doors which let the squirrel out but not in. After which proofing should be done. After trapping, Squirrels are released to a remote area alongside a source of water such as a river or pond.

Squirrel's teeth grow continuously which is why they need to chew on a variety of hard objects. Sometimes Squirrels chew on power lines or power cords causing power outages or fire hazards- especially in attics.

Squirrel Control Services

Squirrel control would consist of either trapping or excluding, proofing, and decontamination if needed. Depending on the squirrel problem, Abolish uses different techniques and products in order to efficiently and quickly capture and deter squirrels. Be cautious of other companies who may be inexperienced to handle squirrels or other wildlife animals.

We are an environmentally caring company and do not use inhumane traps or exterminating techniques such as air guns on squirrels.

- Live Animal Trapping

- Proofing

- Decontamination


In USA and Canada common squirrels include the Fox Squirrel; the Western Gray Squirrel; the Douglas Squirrel; the American Red Squirrel; and the Eastern Gray Squirrel, of which the "Black Squirrel" is a variant.

Distinguishing characteristics:

The most common distinguishing features of a squirrel are their bushy tails and behavior.

Control Method :
Excluding squirrels can be difficult given their nature. They can get into bird feeders, attics, walls, and other difficult to reach places. Properly proofing, eliminating a food source, trimming trees and hedges are the first step in ridding your home of Squirrels. Trapping and releasing is also an effective way to remove squirrels.

Squirrel Gallery

This squirrel had been invading a customer's attic. We sealed off the entry points and placed a humane live trap to catch and release the squirrel. Making sure squirrels or other pests can not reenter the building.

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