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We Service the Tri-State area! read below for more details!

*Our General Service Area is in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Orange County, but our services extends to Arizona, Nevada, and California for large commercial and Industrial jobs.

Abolish Pest Control service area is divided into 3 areas: General Pest Control, Large Pest Control, and Industrial Pest Control

If you are not listed in our coverage area then simply ask and give us a detailed description of the problem. We do extend our services for larger than average jobs. If you want the job done right, professionally, and quickly then give us a call. We are licensed and certified in all pest control aspects and in all residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Again, the bigger the problem the farther we go.

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Service Area

pest service areaGeneral Pest Control Area-

This may include
Bees, Rats, Rodents, Pigeons and Swallows.

Services: Rat Control, Animal trapping & Relocation
Pigeon Control, Rodent Control, Feces Cleanup,
insect Extermination, all Crawling Insects and Emergency Service.

Los Angeles County

Ventura County

Orange County


Large Pest Control Service Area- Southern CA

This may include Birds, Rats, Pigeons, and Swallows

Services: Most General Bird Control, Pigeon Control, Large Rat Infestation, Swallow Control, and Major Bird Feces Cleanup

Including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo, Orange County, San Bernadino, Riverside, San Diego, and Kern County





Industrial Pest Control-

This includes large commercial jobs for bird feces clean up, Billboard bird proofing, and parking garage pigeon proofing.










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