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Pest Services

In order to provide the best and most effective pest control services, we must extend our expertise to a variety of pest related fields. If a company does not offer these services than you may not be getting the best service. What other Pest Control company offers all this with a mixture of quality customer service?



Our services we provide.

We offer a wide range of services to for a wide range of pest problems.


Animal Trapping

We are an environmentally caring company. We do not harm any animals such as raccoons, bats, pigeons, snakes, opossums or other types of animal pests. We use professional traps with a self triggered mechanism that captures the animal. Once captured all animals are safely released into the wilderness away from homes.

Pest Proofing

To completely deter pests from your building, it takes more than a one time animal removal or extermination process. Without properly finding and sealing all entry points, you may have the same problem on your hands again. Animals such as raccoons, skunks, squirrells, and birds can be persistent but are easier to proof against. Smaller pests such as insects and rodents are harder to proof against and require a lot of experience and a keen eye. Our technicians have dealt with all types of proofing and know exactly what products and techniques are effective and what is not. Half of our proofing jobs are actually corrections on the previous Pest Control Companies.



Removing and trapping the pest in your attic is only half the job. The other half is to prevent any more pests from returning. The way to do that is to pest proof and decontaminate. We decontaminate Attics, HVAC units, large infestations, and small infestations. As most people may know, leaving an attic with foul smells is not only unpleasant, it is a danger to one's health and attracts other animals to your attic. That is why cleaning and decontaminating the attic after an infestation is crucial in preventing future infestations. If you attempt to clean the attic yourself, it is strongly recommended to have proper equipment. As part of Abolish's Complete Rodent, pigeon, and animal control, we offer trapping, removing, proofing, cleaning, and decontamination. As part of our Attic decontamination process we vacuum any droppings, Clean infected areas, and Replace the infected insulation with new insulation. If feces is not cleaned then more rodents, animals or birds may come and you may even have to deal with a stronger smell of a dead animal in your attic. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial decontamination services.

Odor Control

When dealing with dead animal odors it is recommended to remove the source of the odor and to eliminate the odor -- not mask it. When one neglects the source and sprays the area of stench, it only provides temporary relief and it may even make the smell worse! Depending on the size of the animal, the odor could remain from anywhere between two weeks to several months! To simply ignore the odor and let the smell dissipate over time is something most people do not want to live with. After a dead animal removal service, we offer a deodorizing service to completely remove any odors left behind. Our odor control methods will remove unpleasant odors so you can continue with your daily life.

Dead Animal Removal

Whether it's in your wall, attic, basement, or under your house; if it's dead we will find it and remove it. Abolish Pest Control technicians are experienced professionals who have learned to identify and isolate the location of dead animals. Although not an easy task we accept the challenge. As dirty as it may be we do our best to get your dead animal out. After all, ridding your home of bad odor is our job. A keen sense of smell and structural knowledge of your home helps in identifying where the carcass hides

Junk Removal

There are many reasons why rodents choose your home as their own. Yet, the number one contribution to rodents is clutter. Sanitation is an important step in reducing the rodent population. Creating a clutter free environment is a vital first step. We offer Junk removal to get rid of clutter from around your home as well as from inside. You can reduce up to 50% of rodent activity from your property by making it clutter free. Let us de-clutter your home and rid yourself of rodents and clutter..

Pressure Washing

Proper Pressure washing of biohazardous material is essential for decontaminations. A parking Garage infested with birds and their accumulation of feces is not a healthy sight. Abolish safely pressure washes by first spraying the bird droppings with " " inorder to prevent any contaminants from becoming airborne during pressure washing. Simply pressure washing a contaminated site is HIGHLY unrecommended as one may spread such diseases as Histoplasmosis or other respitory diseases. There are many situations in which we may pressure wash: Swallow bird nests, parking garages, driveways, exterior of buildings, roofs, etc.


Inspection Services

Abolish can offer certified inspection services for your home when you decide to buy or sell. Most home inspections do not cover pest control. One must have a strucutral pest control license inorder to offer a certified pest control inspection service. Abolish can find any future potential pest problems or pest problems that may hinder selling your home.

Inspection services are also important to home owners who care about keeping their home safe and pest free. Many times Home owners or buisness owners are surprised to find what has been living in their buildings for many years!


Industrial/Commercial Services

We provide commercial pest control for billboards, HVAC units, industrial areas, and other commercial or industrial related pest problems. Commercial and Industrial eradication of pests is a four step process, the steps are outlined below. If you require further information we have made the contact us section available for you. Please check to see if you are in our service area.

Beware: There are many products and gimmicks that are advertised to remove and keep birds away. If you don't know what your doing or fall for an unreliable product you may be wasting your money. We have pictures of examples of how inexperience and faulty products can make a problem worse.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

Birds have a large array of structures to choose from. That is why our bird control is not just limited to Residential areas but Commercial and Industrial as well. Commercial and Industrial bird control requires much more man power and time considering the area that has to be proofed. Most Industrial bird control jobs are usually a compilation of years of bird infestation. Over the years the site becomes an area heavily infested with possible disease and feces and working in such an environment is hazardous to ones health.

Commercial areas infested with birds can also bring in many complaints and degrade the status of ones business. An area nesting hundreds or thousands of birds can become an offensive sight as well as a feces contaminated area. There are many instances when someone hires a company for bird control but in turn will simply get a bill for sloppy and ineffective work. A lot of our work is done to fix what other companies have failed to do. Our top priority is to prevent the birds from nesting or roosting in your area. Before we complete our bird proofing we highly recommend our decontamination and cleanup services. If you attempt to clean the infestation yourself, it is strongly recommended to have proper equipment.

Equipment and Chemicals

Abolish Pest Control Company uses a powerful, wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitizing spray to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, etc. The bactericide and disinfectant is applied directly on bird droppings, nests etc, to neutralize any harmful germs and enable safe removal of the waste materials.

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