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Bat Control


Abolish Provides a wide range of Bat Pest Control Services. We are professionals when it comes to dealing with bats. We only use the best products and abide by all laws when dealing with all animals. read below for more on bats and what we do. We use humane bat excluding techniques. We Do RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, and INDUSTRIAL Bat Control--Check the Service Area

Check our Gallery to see how bad an infestation can get.

batremovalBats, while some species can be larger, are usually not much bigger than a house mouse. The wingspan of the two most common Canadian species, the little brown bat and the big brown bat, ranges from 8 to 14 inches. Bats will mate in fall or winter and the pups are usually weaned in July or August. A few bat species will migrate to the south when cold weather approaches while other species will just move to trees, caves, mines and attics where the temperature does not go below the freezing point. In some cases, the big brown bat will even roost in buildings throughout the winter if conditions are favorable, e.g. high humidity level and temperature above the freezing point. Bats are loyal to their birthplaces, often returning to the same roost site year after year. A bat can live up to 30 years. There are more than 1100 different species in the world and 46 species here in North America alone. They also account for about 1/4th of the world's mammal population.

More Bat Facts

Bats are beneficial to Humans and are nature's insect control. There are 46 species that reside in North America and are most common in the Southwestern areas. Although most bats can benefit us outside, they pose a great health risk and uncomfortable lifestyle indoors. Bats can be found in attics, barns, porches etc. Bats stay in a sheltered area during the day and come out during the night to feed. Once they find a comfortable roosting site you're bound to hear from them again.

Misconception of bats that people usually make is that they are blind. The fact is they are not blind; some bats see very well. Their sight is actually best during dusk and dawn. Bats use echolocation to navigate and hunt their food in the dark. They are good hunters and can eat anywhere from 600 to 1000 insects in one hour. 70% of bats are insectivores only a small percentage of bats are carnivorous. The diet of these carnivores bats may consist of fish, frogs, mice and small birds. Vampire bats are native to South America.

Bat Control

Exclusion is the best ways to control or eliminate bat populations. Exclusion involves sealing all entry points to a building either before the young are born or after they are able to fly. Note that before any structure is bat proofed you must evict the bats from the structure. To do so contact a professional. We here at Abolish Pest Control are professionals and have special methods of ridding bats from any structure. All of our methods are safe and humane.

Bats and disease

Bats have been associated with over 40 viruses during the last 40 years. That alone should concern people, such as rabies (less than one half of one percent of bats are known to be infected with rabies) and Histoplasmosis. Rabies is a dangerous, fatal viral infection. In recent years, there has been increased concern about the risk of rabies transmission following contact with bats. If an injured or ill bat is found in or around a structure, it should be removed because most bats will try to bite when handled. Contact a professional to capture the bat if it has bitten or scratched someone. The bat needs to be captured without touching it with your hands and without crushing its head. If the bat is dead, refrigerate it (DO NOT freeze) and then contact your local health department immediately for instructions.

Accumulated bat droppings can contain the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Without proper protection and steps when dealing with Bat droppings you risk infection. Bat guano does not necessarily need to come into contact with soil to be a source of the disease, they do however do need to be dry, particulate and inhale-able. The acute respiratory disease is characterized by respiratory symptoms, a general ill feeling, fever, chest pains, and a dry or nonproductive cough. Chronic lung disease resembles tuberculosis and can worsen over months or years. The disseminated form is fatal unless treated.


Feces Clean-Up

There are many instances when people neglect or are unaware of a bat infestation for years. The result is a large quantity of bat guano and a large bat population. Attics and abandoned buildings are especially vulnerable to large bat infestations. Large infestations requires professional companies who can remove, decontaminate, and exclude the area. Without proper disposal and decontamination, you risk spreading bio hazardous material and disease. Our employees are trained, bonded and insured. Abolish Pest Control Company will properly dispose of waste and furnish all lighting, portable generator, tools, equipment, pressure washer, bactericide and disinfectant.
Equipment and Chemicals
Abolish Pest Control Company uses a powerful, wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitizing spray to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, etc. The bactericide and disinfectant is applied directly on bird droppings etc, to neutralize any harmful germs and enable safe removal of the waste materials. We use a HEPA vacuum in certain areas that cannot be reached by regular means. By thoroughly cleaning the structure, you can eliminate the scent of their presence and help discourage their return. All feces will be double bagged into 3 mil trash bags.
Breathing Protection
Abolish Pest Control Company uses a NIOSH approved respirator with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters capable of excluding particles of 0.3-micron size.
Protective Clothing
Disposable coveralls, gloves, boots and hats are worn by Abolish Pest Control employees to protect personal clothing from contamination with infective organisms. We seal the glove/sleeve and boot/leg interfaces before entering the worksite.
To protect the employees of your work place, it is required that employees keep clear of the work site during feces removal


Bat Control Services

Home inspection

Our inspection consists of a meticulous overview of the entire property. Looking for every single possible entry point and damage that Bats have done to your home! Many untrained technicians tend to miss entry points simply because their inspection was not thoroughly done!



Bat proofing

In our Bat proofing, we find and seal off all access points. Whether it be a chewed hole or a building imperfection we will find it and repair it. To the left you see a perfect example of an entry point missed by previous companies because the inspection was not thorough.


Bat trapping and removal
Abolish may have to exclude or live-trap bats inorder to begin decomtamination or proofing. Top


Attic cleanups

The attic is a common shelter for Bats. During long periods of time, bats increase in population and guano reaches hazardous levels. That is why it is important to proof and rid your attic of bats. Simply ignoring or living with the problem usually ends up more costly.


Bat Gallery

This gallery contains proofing and trapping of bats.


Bat Proofing  -  Eaves

Bats have been roosting under these eaves. Careful removal and release of the bats was done after proofing.


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