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Abolish technicians are well equipped and trained in the art of catching snakes. Simply trapping or catching a snake is only part of the expertise of our Snake Control technicians. Abolish's wildlife snake proof fence will help in keeping snakes out of your yard or backyard. Once snakes are caught we release them into a more suitable area away from human presence.


About Snakes

There are many different snake species throughout Southern California, some are more dangerous than others. The common snakes in Southern California are the Rosy Boa, Glossy Snake, Shovel Nosed Snake, Racer, Ring-Necked Snake, Night Snake, California Kingsnake, California Mountain Kingsnake, Coachwhip, Stripped Racer, Lead-nosed Snake, Gopher Snake, Long-Nosed Snake, Patch-Nosed Snake, GroundSnake, Black-Headed Snake, Western Black-Headed Snake. GarterSnake, Sidewinder, Lyresnake, and a variety of rattle .

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Squamata Serpentes
over 2,700 variety of species are found throughout the world, thirty-three snake species in California and six of which are venomous rattlesnakes. Snakes are Carnivorous and only a few species are venomous.. Snakes in Southern California are most active in the spring and summer.

Distinguishing characteristics:

The most common distinguishing features of a snake are the long scaly slender bodies. Beware of the venomous rattlesnake which can be identified by their rattle and their desert camouflage as seen to the left and below.

Control Method :
Excluding snakes by properly fencing the perimeter off. Most companies do a quick snake-proofing and fail to exclude the target pest.


Beware of Rattlesnakes! Living in Southern California can mean a risky confrontation with a venous rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes are most active in Summer and Spring. They mate in the spring and give birth in the Fall. Also, beware of baby rattlesnakes as they are just as dangerous. The baby rattlesnake may not know how to control the amount of venom injected and may inject all of its venom. While some rattlesnake bite may be "dry" it is always recommended to treat it as soon as possible. Killing rattlesnakes should be avoided and simple steps to avoid them is the best solution. However any rattlesnakes near your home or property should be exterminated or removed. Always have a professional do this for you. Putting yourself in harms way is how most bites occur.

Identifying Rattlesnakes:

Rattlesnakes are found throughout Southern California in dry, rocky hills and in deserts, on sand dunes at the beach, on farmland, and in tall grass or heavy brush. They can climb walls and trees.rattlesnake


-Heavy-bodied, blunt-tailed with one or more rattles on the tail.

-Triangular-shaped head

-If threatened, the rattlesnake may coil, rattle, and raise its upper body.


Excluding Rattlesnakes:

Remove any clutter near your house including piles of wood or junk. Trim any thick hedges and brush. Be sure to take extreme caution when doing this. Abolish offers Wildlife fencing to effectively keep snakes out of your yard or property.

If bitten:

Any rattlesnake bite requires medical urgency. Call 1-800-222-1222 Poison Action Line and get to the nearest Emergency Facility immediately.

Snake Gallery

This is a collection of photos taken by our technicians to show you in detail problems residential, industrial, and commercial customers have faced.


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