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Raccoon Control


batremovalThe raccoon can be recognized by its notorious black mask and tail with black rings. Adult raccoons can be up to 3 feet long and weigh between 10 to 60 pounds. Raccoons have a whitish gray coat. This fur is long and dense, a grizzled brown and black color that has often been described as "salt and pepper." The tail can grow to be fifteen inches. A tail can have five to seven black rings on it.

Although, raccoons are carnivores and have long canine teeth, their molar teeth are adapted for a varied diet which includes more than just meat. They have sharp claws so they can climb trees eat birds and open shell fish like clams and oysters. Raccoons are mostly nocturnal animals yet they are seen in the daytime.

Raccoon Dangers?

Raccoons are becoming increasingly adapted to humans and their urban world. Increasing contact between humans and raccoons also means increasing risks. There are several hazards that can be associated with raccoons:

1) Rabies

Although most cases of Rabid Raccoons are in the East Coast, Raccoons are able to contract rabies thus bites from a raccoon should be treated as if it is a rabid raccoon. There is no anitdote for rabies but there are vaccinnes. Rabid raccoons can also harm pets infecting them with the rabies virus. For more on Rabies click here

2) Baylisascaris procyonis (Round Worm)

Small children who are apt to putting objects into their mouth are vulnerable to the Raccoon round worm. An area contaminated with raccoon feces or raccoon latrines are also high risk areas for the round worm. Accidental ingestion may occur when it rains, cleaning of the feces, or coming into contact with the feces. There are few cases where an infant puts raccoon feces into their mouth. recently, the raccoon roundworm, blinds a NY teen and leaves an infant brain damaged (5/3/09).

3) Giardiasis

Giardia species is a microscopic protazoal infection that can be transmitted by a wide variety of animals. Raccoons can carry this organism in their feces and contaminate water, soil and surfaces. Humans can contract Giardiasis by coming into contact with feces contaminated with Giardiasis.

4) Leptospirosis

Leptospira species is a bacterial infection that many animals and humans can contract and transmit. There are several different species of Leptospira that are found in wildlife, which is the primary source of contamination of the environment with these bacteria. Raccoons can shed Leptospirosis in their urine and secretions. Exposure of these excretions to open wounds or orally can cause infection to humans.

5) Other Diseases

Other bacterial diseases (such as Salmonella or E. Coli), fungus and rare parasites can also be a risk for illness in humans. People who handle, feed and clean up waste should be aware of the potential health hazards and practice aggressive hygiene and sanitation to prevent exposure of skin, eyes, mouth and body to infection. Physicians can assess individuals who may have been exposed and recommend appropriate actions to prevent disease.


Raccoon Control Services

Home inspection

Our inspection consists of a meticulous overview of the entire property. Looking for every single possible entry point and damage that Raccoon have done to your home! Many untrained technicians tend to miss entry points simply because their inspection was not thoroughly done!



Raccoon proofing

Raccoon proofing is the only way to keep raccoons from entering or reentering your home. Our Raccoon proofing consists of thoroughly identifying the entry points and sealing them off. Any vulnerable points are also noted and we recommend proofing before another raccoon or other pest gains entry. Our Raccoon proofing consists of either wire mesh, or repairing a hole or other damaged opening.



Raccoon trapping and removal
Abolish may have to exclude or live-trap raccoons in order to begin decontamination or proofing. Trapped Raccoons are later released. No raccoons are harmed in this process. Be aware of how other pest control services deal with raccoons and other larger animals. We are an environmentally caring company and never use harmful traps, poisons, or air guns on raccoons. Once a raccoon has been trapped, we release them far from human contact. Top

Attic cleanups

The attic is a common shelter for Raccoons. During long periods of time, Raccoons increase in population and feces reach hazardous levels. That is why it is important to proof and rid your attic of Raccoons. Simply ignoring or living with the problem usually ends up more costly.

Other common cleanups can include garage, basement, under house, and sheds. Any home that has food and shelter that is easily accessible to animals is vulnerable to infestation. Proper concealing of entry points and storing of food and garbage is the preventive measure to avoid costly decontamination and trapping fees.


Feces Clean-Up

There are many instances when people neglect or are unaware of a raccoon infestation for years. The result is a large quantity of raccoon feces and a large raccoon population. Attics and abandoned buildings are especially vulnerable to large raccoon infestations. Large infestations requires professional companies who can remove, decontaminate, and exclude the area. Without proper disposal and decontamination, you risk spreading bio hazardous material and disease. Our employees are trained, bonded and insured. Abolish Pest Control Company will properly dispose of waste and furnish all lighting, portable generator, tools, equipment, pressure washer, bactericide and disinfectant.


Raccoon Gallery

This gallery contains proofing and trapping of Raccoons


Raccoon Control  - Restraint pole

Restraint pole was used for a quick catch and extraction of the raccoon.

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