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At Abolish Pest Control, we provide commercial pest control of pigeons or other rodents on or in billboards, HVAC units, industrial areas, and other commercial or industrial related pest problems. Commercial eradication of pests is a four step process, the steps are outlined below. If you require further information we have made the contact us section available for you. Please check to see if you are in our service area.

Talk about types of commercial jobs and the different pests.

Steps for Residential Pest Control

The first thing we do is find and identify the pests invading your place of work, we search from top to bottom leaving no area untouched. Nothing is overlooked. There is nowhere to hide once we are on the job. Following the inspection you are presented with an estimate.
If needed, you'll receive a comprehensive, written report listing all detected problems and the recommended treatment. We will explain the report thoroughly and answer any questions you may have regarding the report. We are confident in our abilities to serve you in a fast, efficient, and professional manner.
After your place of work has been prepared, we will go to work immediately, not only will we remove the existing pests, but our methods help to prevent re-infestation as well.
Once the job is complete we explain how to help guard against re-infestation. Our website is also available 24 hours a day as a handy reference guide to help you maintain a healthy vermin free environment. If you have or have had a pest problem in the past, we recommend that you bookmark this site and return often to take advantage of the helpful tips located throughout the site.



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Bird Control  -  Billboard<---Click here

Birds can make their way into attics and other buildings eventually multiplying the population with new pigeons and feces. It is easy to exclude birds from your attic but it is rather difficult to clean the mess they have made. These pictures show the extensive amount of damage done by nesting pigeons.

Bird Control  -  HVAC

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are important in circulating fresh air through out the building. When the ventilation is blocked by bird feces it circulates that feces infested air creating a potential risk to any employees, customers, or students. Proper cleaning and proofing of HVAC systems should be a priority to all concerned about health safety.

Bird Control  -  Commercial

Commercial pest control important for both customers and employees. The related health hazards to pigeon, rodent, and bat feces is not worth risking. The following pictures are from a variety of commercial pest control jobs.


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