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Skunk Control


Nobody wants a skunk hanging around their neighborhood especially if you have been sprayed on before. Pets and people are vulnerable to the skunk's defensive spray which at high concentrations can cause nausea and retching. Handling a skunk on your own with no experience will most likely end in spraying. Enclosed areas can become stained with the odor


About Skunk

Skunks can be found near forests, bushes, holes, and under buildings. They release a strong stench from a gland as a defense against any attackers. The striped-skunk and spotted skunk are common in Southern California and are usually no larger than a house cat.

Omnivorious, generally nocturnal,and begin foraging at sunset.

Distinguishing characteristics:

The striped-skunk usually has two white lines on the back

Control Method :
Proper exclusion steps and proofing

Skunk Gallery

This is a collection of photos taken by our technicians to show you in detail problems residential, industrial, and commercial customers have faced.


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