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Pigeon Gallery

This is a collection of photos to show the variety of animals Abolish technicians routinely catch. We are an environmentally caring company, we do not harm animals.

Bird Proofing - Parking Garage

Parking garages accommodate birds' nesting needs and leave acidic droppings on cars.

Bird Proofing  -  Attic

Birds can make their way into attics and other buildings eventually multiplying the population with new pigeons and feces. It is easy to exclude birds from your attic but it is rather difficult to clean the mess they have made. These pictures show the extensive amount of damage done by nesting pigeons.

Bird Control  -  Commercial

Customers and employees are affected by the buildings health, if a building's sidewalk is littered with bird feces it creates a slipping hazard and an unhealthy

Bird Control  -  HVAC

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are important in circulating fresh air through out the building. When the ventilation is blocked by bird feces it circulates that feces infested air creating a potential risk to any employees, customers, or students. Proper cleaning and proofing of HVAC systems should be a priority to all concerned about health safety.

Bird Control  -  Industrial

Industrial bird control is usually a large job that is a result of many years of bird infestation. It is better to protect your equipment and employees in the long run by having pest control. A simple bird control service is a fraction of the cost for replacing damages equipment or sick employees.


Bird Proofing - Light Poles

A common sight in parking lots are birds roosting on light poles making a mess on any unfortunate car parked below. Properly proofing light poles means using proper techniques and products.


Bird Control  -  Trapping & Removal

Pigeons are loyal to their roosting grounds and in order to properly proof and clean an area, proper trapping is done. After pigeons are trapped, they are transported to our pigeon farm in Castaic California. There we hold them for a period of 3 to 6 months to break their homing habits. All pigeons are attended to on a regular basis.

Pigeon Control  -  Billboards

Pigeons were nesting under these solar panels leaving behind a mess and damaging equipment. Cleaning and proofing solved this problem.

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